Difference between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

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S.No.Brick MasonryStone Masonry
1. They are of uniform shape and size.They are not of uniform shape and size
2.They are light in weight.They are heavy.
3. They do not require any dressing.They require dressing.
4.Bricks are easily available.Stones are not easily available.
5.Brick laying is easier than stone-masonry.Stone laying is not easy.
6. In brickwork, mortar joints are thin.In stonework, mortar joints are thick.
7.They are less water tight.They provide better water tightness.
8.They have better fire resistance than stones.They are less fire-resistant than bricks.
9.The cost of construction of brickwork is less.The cost of construction of stone is more than brickwork
10. It is not much strong.It is much stronger than brickwork.

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