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Environmental Engineering MCQs Practice Set

1.  The length of rectangular sedimentation tank should not be more than (Where B is the width of the tank) A) BB) 2BC) 4BD) 8BAns. C 2.  In water treatment, rapid gravity filters are adopted to remove A) Dissolved organic substancesB) Dissolved solids and dissolved gasesC) Floating solids and dissolved...


Important points related to Environmental engineering

Important questions related to Environmental engineering The gases which are generally evolved during anaerobic decomposition of sewage are CO2+ NH3+ H2S + CH4 The deviation from the ideal flow of wastewater in the sedimentation tank causes short circuiting. It results in variation in the detention period in the top and...


Types of water sorces and Ground water contamination

Water from infiltration galleries-——————–aeration,coagulation,sedimentation and disinfection. Tube well water—————————————————-disinfection. Surfacewater(river or canal)—————–coagulation,flocculation,sedimentation,filtration and disinfection. Pond/Lakewater-—————————————– coagulation, CuSO4 treatment,sedimentation,filtration and disinfection. Blue¬† Baby disease(methemoglobinemia) in children is caused by the presence of excess nitrates and is caused by decreased oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin in babies , resulting in oxygen deficiency...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete pipes

Concrete pipes are widely used in various construction projects for the conveyance of fluids, including water, sewage, and drainage. They offer several advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing the appropriate pipe material for a specific application. Advantages of Concrete Pipes: 1. Strength and Durability: Concrete pipes are known...

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