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What are the qualities of a good building stone

A good building stone possesses several qualities that make it suitable for construction purposes. These qualities include strength, durability, hardness, resistance to weathering and erosion, appearance, availability, and workability. Each of these qualities plays a crucial role in determining the suitability of a stone for building purposes. Strength is one of...


Unit weight of Engineering Materials

Unit weight means weight of material per unit volume(1 m3 or 1m x 1m x 1m ). Unit weight of cement : 14.40 KN/m3 Unit weight of Sand :17 KN/m3 Unit weight of Aggregate :15 KN/m3 Unit weight of Brick Masonry :19.20 KN/m3 Unit weight of Brick Stone :20.80 to...


Pipes and its joints

Asbestos cement pipe——————————————————simplex joint (USE- installed in water systems)  Galvanized Iron pipe(G.I pipe)——————————————-screwed joint (USE-conveying raw water & distribution of treated water in majority of rural water supply schemes)  Cast Iron pipe—————————————————————spigot and socket joint (USE-for soil disposal because it is highly resistant to the grinding and abrasions)  Plain ended pipes subjected...