Category: Construction Technology


Various causes of Dampness in building

Causes of Dampness are: (i) Rising of Moisture from the Ground: The sub-soil or ground on which the building is constructed may be made of soil which easily give an access to water to create dampness in building through the foundation. This Moisture may rise up into the wall and...


Major Components of Staircase

Following are the major components:- 1) Step: It is the combination of tread and rise. 2) Rise: The vertical height between two treads is known as rise. 3) Tread: The horizontal upper portion of the step on which the foot is placed for ascending and descending is known as tread....


How Earthquake Resistant buildings are Planned?

The earthquake resistant buildings are planned in the following ways: (i) Symmetry: The building as a whole or its individual blocks should be kept symmetrical about both axes. Asymmetry leads to torsion during earthquakes and is very dangerous; symmetry is also desirable in the arrangement and size of door and...

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