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Difference between nominal mix and design mix of concrete

Concrete is the most extensive material consisting of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate, and it hardens when mixed with water. During the formation of the concrete mix ratio, we can add whether the plasticizer is an accelerating/retarding plasticizers, which depends on the consideration of the design mix ratio....


How To Calculate Quantities Of Cement, Sand, and Aggregate

Mix design is a process of determining the quality of the correct materials and their relative proportions to prepare the concrete for the desired properties such as workability, strength, set time, and durability. The quantity of concrete materials, such as cement, sand and aggregate, used to produce the required quantity...


Concrete technology MCQs Practice Set

The strength and durability of concrete depends on (a)Size of aggregate(Ans) (b)Grading of aggregate (c)Moisture content of aggregate (d)All of these 2. The breaking up of cohesion in a mass of concrete is called (a)Workability (b)Bleeding (c)Segregation(Ans) (d)Creep 3. The continuous strain, which the concrete undergoes due to application of...


Important Points related to concrete technology

Important Notes related to concrete technology: Segregation is the proper distribution of constituent materials of concrete i.e. the materials are showing the separation from each other(means binding property is not followed properly). Hence concrete having segregation property is weak in compressive strength, show poor quality concrete and reduction of desirable...


Duration for Removal of formwork

As a Site Engineer or supervisor it’s important for carrying out the project in a good manner. S.NO. STRUCTURAL MEMBERS DURATION 1. Slabs( when props left under) 3 days Removal of props to slabs of spanning upto 4.5m 7 days Removal of props to slabs of spanning over 4.5m 14...

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