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Causes of Water logging

Causes of Water logging are: (i) Seepage of water through canals: Seepage of water through the bed and sides of adjacent canals, reservoirs, etc., which are higher than the affected land, results in a high water table. If the soil at the site of canals, reservoirs, etc. is highly permeable,...


Irrigation Engineering MCQs Practice Set

1.The irrigation engineering may be defined as The process of artificially supplying water to soil for raising crops A science of planning and designing an efficient and economic irrigation system The engineering of controlling and harnessing the various natural sources of water, by the construction of dams, canals and finally...


Modes of failure of Gravity dam

The modes of failure of gravity dam are:- OverTurning or Rotation about toe:- When the resultant force acting at any section if it passes outside the toe, the dam shall rotate or overturn about the toe. In other words, it means that if horizontal forces dominate over vertical forces the...

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