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Rolled Steel Beams As per Indian Standards

Rolled Steel Beams in India In India, rolled steel beams are classified into five series based on their dimensions and strength, as per the Indian Standards. These series include ISMB, ISJB, ISLB, ISHB, and ISWB. Each series has its own specifications and applications, and understanding these categories is essential for...


Types of Rolled Steel Sections

Types of Rolled Steel Sections================================= Rolled steel sections are widely used in construction and engineering applications due to their versatility, strength, and cost-effectiveness. There are several types of rolled steel sections, each with its unique characteristics and applications. In this answer, we will discuss the most common types of rolled...


Steel Structure MCQs Practice Set

1.When a body is subjected to a system of loads as a result of this, some deformation takes place. If the resistance is set up against this deformation, the body is known as compressed member tensile member structure (Ans) all of these 2.If the width and thickness of a structure...