RCC MCQs Practice Set-1

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1. Minimum thickness of load bearing RCC wall should be:

2. In working stress method, the stresses used for design purpose are

3. Flexure collapse in over reinforced beam is due to

4. Modular ratio for M30 grade of concrete is

5. If the permissible stress in steel is 500 MPa, then working stress in bending compression would be taken as

6. What is the minimum number of longitudinal bars provided in reinforced concrete column of
circular cross-section?

7. According to IS 456, the slenderness ratio for a short column should not exceed

8. A singly reinforced balanced section designed by limit state method will have
1. Lesser depth compared to designed by working stress method
2. Higher value of steel compared to designed by working stress method
3. Lower cost compared to designed by working stress method

Which of these statements is/are correct?

9. As per the provision of IS: 456-2000, in the limit state method for design of beams, the limiting value of the depth of neutral axis in a reinforced concrete beam of effective depth `d’ is given as

10. The span to depth ratio limit is specified in IS: 456-2000 for the reinforced concrete beam, in order to ensure that the



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