Building Materials MCQs Set-7

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1. The slenderness ratio for masonry walls should not be more than

2. The internal size of mould used in brick preparation is

3. Pick up the correct statement from the following: Method of sawing timber

4. Rapid hardening cement attains early strength due to

5. Spalling hammer is used for

6. Index number expressing the relative sizes of both coarse and fine aggregates, is called

7. Percentage of silica in a good brick earth lies between

8. Plywood is made by bonding together thin layers of wood in such a way that the angle between grains of any layer to grains of adjacent layers is

9. Which of the following represents a metamorphic rock?

     (i) Slate

     (ii) Shale

     (iii) Quartzite

     The correct answer is

10. Pick up the correct statement from the following:



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