Important Sport Venues and Sport Terms

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Sport Venues:

Asian Games:

  • The first Asian Game was held in 1952 in New Delhi, India.
  • 18th Asian Games 2018 – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Asian Games 2022- Hangzhou, China
  • Asian Games 2026- Nagoya Japan

ICC Cricket Men’s World Cup:

  • The first Cricket World Cup was organised in England in 1975.
  • 12th edition of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019- Wales, England
  • 13th edition of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023- India

Commonwealth Games:

  • 1st Edition 1930- Hamilton, Canada
  • 19th Edition 2010- New Delhi, India
  • 20th Edition 2014- Glasgow, Scotland
  • 21st Edition 2018- Gold Coast, Australia
  • 22nd Edition 2022- Birmingham, England

Sport Terms:

  • Basketball: Dunk, Front court, Lay up, Held ball, Pivot, Rebound, Steal
  • Cricket: Over throw, Duck, Hit wicket, Bye, Draw, Googly, Topspin,
  • Football: Bend dribble, Dissent, Dummy, Feint, Free kick, Header, Red card, Throw in
  • Hockey: Bully, Striking, Circle, Post back
  • Golf: Fore some, Stymie, T, put hole, Caddy, Niblick, Iron, The green, Bunker
  • Billiards: Jigger, Pot, Break pot, In off, Cans, Bolting, Long, Hazard, Cue.
  • Swimming: Breast Stroke, Twist, Butterfly, Craw, Spring Board
  • Volley Ball: Antennae, Attack hit, Libero, Service, Set up, Blocking, Dribbling.
  • Lawn Tennis: Advantage, Ace, Deuce, Volley, Foot Fault, Smash, Grand-Slam
    Slice, Love, Error, Back Spin, Deep, Break, Break point, Groundstroke, Cross-court.
  • Table Tennis: End line, Flat hit, Foil, Service, Pinholder grip, Reverse, Top-spin, Counter-hitting, Let
    Table Tennis
  • Boxing: Jab, laying on Knock, Second out rabbit punch, Upper cut
  • Chess: Castle, Diagonals, Files, Pawns, Pieces, Promote, Gambit, Pawn
  • Badminton: Lob, Let, Drive, Drop, Love, Rally, Kill, Balk, Flick.
  • Polo: Chukker, Bunker.
  • Baseball: Diamond, Home run, Put out, Strike, Ant-rubber.
  • Rifle Shooting: Target, Muzzle fulb, Bulls eye
  • Wresting: Half, Nelson, Hold Sager, Rebuts, Heave.


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