Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Practice Set-7

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1. During sensible cooling of air, specific humidity

2. The emissivity of a polished silver body is _________ as compared to black body.

3. A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes a power of 30 kW. The coefficient of performance of the system will be

4. The leakage in a refrigeration system using ammonia is detected by

5. Moisture should be removed from refrigerants to avoid

6. The horizontal and non-uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates

7. In order to collect liquid refrigerant and to prevent it from going to a ________, a device known as accumulator is used at the suction of compressor.

8. During a refrigeration cycle, heat is rejected by the refrigerant in a

9. In mechanical refrigeration system, the refrigerant has the maximum temperature

10. The dehumidification process, on the psychrometric chart, is shown by



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