Friction Clutches MCQs

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1. In case of multi-disk clutches, oil is used,

2. The clutch used in trucks is

3. The commonly used angle between leather or asbestos friction lining surface and axis of cone clutch for a cone clutch is

4. In the beginning of engagement of a centrifugal clutch,


In case of single plate worn out clutches and brakes, the friction radius is equal to

    Where, ‘D’ and ‘d’ are outer and inner diameters of friction lining respectively.

6. A jaw clutch is

7. The friction radius for new clutch compared to worn out clutch will be

8. The clutch used in scooters is

9. The torque transmitted by single plate clutch, working on uniform wear criterion, is given by,    Where, µ = coefficient of friction, P = axial force required to hold the friction surfaces together, Rmin = mean radius of friction surfaces

10. In the running condition, the net force acting on the drum of centrifugal clutch is equal to



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