Engineering Drawing MCQs Practice Set-6

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1. Most architectural firms and mechanical design companies utilize different categories of blocks. These sets of blocks are usually housed in _________.

2. When the drafter types the word BLOCK or selects the Make Block tool from the Draw tool bar the _________ will appear.

3. Center lines are used to locate or represent the centers of ________.

4. In these drawings it is necessary to show cut surfaces and distinguish between adjacent parts:

5. Architectural drawings used to construct a house are often plotted with a scale of ¼" = 1'-0". What scale is this?

6. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection, the oblique drawing is called this:

7. Newer versions of Auto-CAD utilize the _________ to make block library management very easy.

8. This should show what changes were made, when, and by whom:

9. An accurate record of changes made to release drawings is tracked via this:

10. When creating a block the drafter needs to pay particular attention to selecting a base point because it determines the __________.



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