Engineering Drawing MCQs Practice Set-4

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1. This type of axonometric drawing has equal foreshortening along two axis directions and a different amount on the third axis:

2. This means that a feature of a finished product contains the maximum amount of material permitted by the tolerance dimensions for that feature:

3. Some of the standard Auto-CAD text styles used in architectural drawings includes _________.

4. Angles project true size only when the plane containing the angle and plane of projection are this:

5. The second line of dimensions out from the plan generally includes _________.

6. In offset sections, offsets or bends in the cutting plane are all:

7. The text used on a typical detail sheet should be ________.

8. This is an angled surface used on cylinders to make them easier to handle:

9. In the section view, the areas that would have been in actual contact with the cutting plane are shown with:

10. In this type of auxiliary view, a break line is used to indicate the imaginary break in the views:



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