Automobile Engineering Practice Set-5

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1. A front stabilizer bar is used to
2. The function of an oil control orifice is that it
3. The basic purpose of tyre rotation on automobiles is to
4. The ignition in a spark ignition engine takes place when the piston is
5. During suction stroke, the inside pressure of cylinder is
6. The fuel pump of a programmed fuel injection (PFI) system operate for two seconds when the ignition is turned to the start position to
7. A three way catalytic converter
8. The timing belt is attached to the camshaft pulley and
9. An under-inflated tyre will wear the tread most
10. The mechanical efficiency (ηm) of an I.C. engine is equal to (where I.P. = Indicated power, B.P. = Brake power and F.P. = Frictional power)



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