Madhya Pradesh GK 40 MCQs for MP Police Jail Prahari Patwari Previous Year Questions Updated Part 1

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Which massacre is known as Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy of Madhya Pradesh?
Kanha National Park is famous for
Who among the following has not been the acting Governor of Madhya Pradesh?
The inscriptions of the Bandhavgarh Fort is in the language of
Which city of Madhya Pradesh will have India’s biggest Global Skill Park?
Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh is known as the ‘Gateway to the Southern India’?
Which of the following awards was founded in the year 1986-87?
Which of the following folk dances has a special significance to unmarried girls of that region?
Where is the annual dance festival ‘Lokranjan’ held?
Which of the following folk-dances of Madhya Pradesh is initiated by a lone woman locally called ‘Jhela’?
Which district of Madhya Pradesh has highest percentage of tribal population?
Which one of the following rivers does not join river Chambal?
In which year was Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education established?
Which one of the following valleys of Madhya Pradesh is not a rift valley
Dhoopgarh, the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, is located at
Where was Tatya Tope executed by the British Government?
How many districts of Madhya Pradesh were there in 1956 after the Reorganisation of States was done?
Which one of the following places of Madhya Pradesh is on or nearest to 80° east longitude?
With which mineral production is MalanjKhand associated?
Gujari Mahal was built by
Which of the following was not acted as the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh?
In which district is the ‘Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project’ located?
Which one of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh has more than 1000 as sex ratio?
Where did Ustad Amir Khan hail from?
Which is the largest river of Madhya Pradesh
Which of the following district has the highest forest area in Madhya Pradesh?
In which year did Shivraj Singh Chouhan take over as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for the first time?
Majhgawan mine located in Madhya Pradesh produces  ___________________
Majhgawan mine located in Madhya Pradesh produces  ___________________
Mumtaz Mahal, the queen of Shah Jahan, died in which of the following places of Madhya Pradesh?
Sant Singajee belongs to which region of Madhya Pradesh?
The Dhupgarh peak is situated in
State had first implemented 73rd constitutional Amendment?
In which city is Aishbagh Stadium situated?
In whose leadership the Tribal Movement took place in Sendhawa?
On which planets movement does the Simhasth depend?
Which of the following flora is the Bori Wildlife sanctuary rich in?
Which of the following medicinal plants are available in Madhya Pradesh?
Which of the following dynasties did Vakpati Munja belong to?
In which of the following cities of Madhya Pradesh is the Captain Roop Singh Stadium located?
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