Important Harappan Sites

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Sites Location River Facts/Discoveries
Harappa Punjab ( Pakistan) Ravi Discovered by Daya Ram Sahani, mother goddess figurine, cemetery-37
Chanhudaro Sindh ( Pakistan) Indus Discovered by Mackay (1925) and NG Mazumdar (1931), bronze figure of bullock cart
Mohenjodaro ( means Mound of Dead ) Sindh ( Pakistan) Indus Discovered by RD Banerjee (1922), Bronze Dancing Girl, Great Bath, Pashupati Seal
Lothal Gujarat ( India) Bhogava Discovered by SR Rao (1954), important port city, dockyard and fire altar found here
Kalibangan ( means black bangles) Rajasthan Ghaggar Discovered by Amalanand Ghosh (1951), BB Lal and BK Thapar(1961), Ploughed field, Mesopotamian seal and fire discovered.
Surkotada Gujarat ( India) —————————— Discovered by JP Joshi (1964), bones of horses.
Dholavira Gujarat ( India) Luni Discovered by JP Joshi (19667-68), water reservoir
Banawali Haryana Saraswati Discovered by RS Bisht (1973), evidence of cultivation of barley crop found here
Rakhigarhi Haryana ——————————- Discovered by Suraj Bhan and Acharya Bhagwan Dev (1997), largest indus valley site.

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