HSSC JE Solved Paper 2019 1 Sep2019 Shift 1

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HSSC JE Solved Paper Civil 2019 1 Sep2019 Shift 1

  • Maharaja Agrasena ruled the Republican State is ————Agroha
  • Which Register holds the address of instruction————-Program counter
  • The major river which flows in the state is—————Yamuna
  • The admixture that slows down the chemical process of hydration so that concrete remain plastic and workable for a longer period is———–Retarder
  • Oxygen required for biological decomposition of dissolved solids or organic matter in waste water under aerobic condition at standard temperature is called ———-BOD
  • In Limit state method design of RCC beam, if actual depth of neutral axis is greater than the limiting value, then the section is considered to be ————— Over reinforced section
  • Computer presently come with a clock speed of more than——- 1 GHz
  • Symon’s rain gauge is a non-automatic rain gauge
  • Sahiwal is a indegenous variety of bull.
  • The amount of chlorine consumed in the oxidation of impurities, before any disinfection is achieved is known as——————–Chlorine demand
  • Rayleigh seismic waves makes a material particle oscillate in an elliptical path in the vertical plane
  • To promote the development of forest, Haryana Government framed its own forest policy in the year——-2006
  • An ideal fluid is defined as the fluid which is————–in-compressible and non-viscous.
  • If a beam is fully loaded with the uniformly varying load, then the equation of the bending moment will be———–Cubic variation
  • In Haryana, the elephant rehabilation center is located in the district of ——-Yamunanagar
  • The Navagraha Kund is located at—————Kaithal
  • As per IRC width of Carrigeway for a single lane is———3.75 m
  • The setting action of cement is reduced by adding———–Gypsum
  • Spain is not a federal nation
  • Admiral rank is the supreme rank which will be awarded in the Indian Navy
  • Pushyabhuti dynasty is also called as Vardhana dynasty
  • The Financial Budget for 2017-18 was tabled by Haryana Finance Minister————Captain Abhimanyu
  • Data bus provides a path to transfer data between CPU and—–Memory
  • The ruins of Hampi brought to light by british official ————Colin Mackenzie
  • Executive Department is led by———-Governor
  • The Governor of every state in India is appointed by whom—————President
  • Haryana was earlier known as——————– Brahmavarta
  • Haryana came into existence as a separate state in the year——————-1st November 1966
  • Indira Gandhi University was located at——————Rewari
  • The curve of varying radius introduced between two branches of compound  curve—————-Transition curve
  • The speech signal of 3KHz is used to modulate a carrier signal of frequency 1 MHz, using amplitude modulation the frequencies of the side bands will be————–1.003 MHz and 0.997 MHz
  • The river Yamuna runs from Yamunanagar to Faridabad to make the flood plains. these plains are divided into two parts, the higher one is called ——————–Bangar
  • Kaunayen chicken a new indigenous chicken variety mainly found in which of the following region————–Manipur
  • The river originated from the Har-ki-dun glacier in West Garhwal is—————-Yamuna
  • SI unit of conductivity of a material is—————— Siemens/meter
  • The ancient name of river Markanda is —————-Aruna
  • The river which originates from Shahpur village and meets Chautang river at a place called Ladwa. It is known as river————- Rakshi
  • The heavy soil found in Thanesar is known as————Khadar
  • In which district of Haryana, manganese is found—————Mahendragarh
  • PERT stands for ————-Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
  • IUPAC name of {Ag(NH3)2} {Ag(CN)2} is————–Diammine silver (I) dicyanoargentate (I)
  • Gurugram district derived its name from the name of —————–Dronacharya
  • North Bridge or North Chipset is responsible for controlling the component like————-RAM
  • What is the present rank of India in terms of fish production in the world—————India is the second largest producer in the world
  • If 3 cumec of water supply is required for a crop sown in an area of 5100 hectares, the duty of irrigation water will be———————1700 hectares/cumec
  • Rai Mukund Das—————–built a palace in Narnaul who was the Diwan of Mughal emperor, Shahjahan.
  • Kalaam-e-Nairang is a compilation of poetry written by—————-Syed Ghulam Bhik
  • USB supports a data speed of —————-12 mbps
  • Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Stattion is located at—————————Khedar

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