HSSC Group D solved exam dated 17November

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  1. Legislative Assembly of Haryana passes laws on the subject included in the___________ schedule of the Constitution. Ans. 7th
  2. The under construction Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is funded by Ans. Japan
  3. Haryana was formed on the recommendation of_____________ Parliamentary Committee. Ans. Sardar Hukum Singh
  4. If ICE is coded as 17 then TEA is coded as Ans.26
  5. Viceroy Associated with Ilbert Bill Controversy. Ans. Lord Ripon
  6. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located in Ans. Gurugram
  7. Thanesar ruled by Harshavardhan a King was in the vicinity of Ans. Kurukshetra
  8. Haryana is the____________most populous state in India. Ans. 17th
  9. The eleventh state assembly election took place during Ans. 2014
  10. Doddabetta peak is situated in Ans. Nilgiri Hills.
  11. Haryana state shares it’s boundary with ______________number of states. Ans. 5
  12. Name the fluid tissue similar to plasma of blood but colourless and contains less protein. Ans. Lymph
  13. Combination of Bagh and Phulkari is called as Ans. Chope
  14. Theatre on bikes is a project started by Ans. Manish Joshi Bismil.
  15. Yamuna river enters Haryana near__________ forest. Ans. Kalesar
  16. Which of the following materials has lower resistivity a) Silver b)Constantan c) Manganin d) Glass. Ans. Silver
  17. The present day Haryana came under the control of British rule in the year Ans. 1803
  18. Highly reactive metal among the following a) Lead b) Iron c) Copper d) Zinc Ans. d) Zinc
  19. Regarding food, Haryana is called as Ans. Land of Rotis
  20. Which is the smallest district of Haryana a) Hissar, b) Faridabad, c) Sonipat d) Bhiwani Ans. Faridabad
  21. Shawl made up of embroidery work is called as Ans. Pashmina
  22. Bleaching powder is Ans. CaOCl2
  23. Several Ganas used to make Ans. Sangha
  24. City famously called Scotland of India. Ans. Kodagu(Coorg).
  25. The Andaman and Nicobar is separated by 10° channel.
  26. In October 1907, A State level Conference was held by Lala Lajpat Rai and was called as Swadeshi Andolan
  27. Home Rule League agitation was started by Annie Besant.
  28. State at the East of Haryana is Uttar Pradesh.
  29. The famous actress Juhi Chawla is from Ambala district of Haryana.
  30. The High Court building of Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier.
  31. Archeological discoveries at Sugh show that Haryana was a part of Mauryan empire.
  32. A commission for the re-organisation of States, according to language and culture was set-up by the Indian Government, in the year 1953, under the chairmanship of Khan Bahadur Sayyid Sir Fazl Ali.
  33. Chronological order: Poona Pact(September 24, 1932)—Third Round table Conference(November 17, 1932)—August offer(made by the British government in 1940).


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