Haryana HSSC MODEL paper for SI and constable post

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Haryana HSSC MODEL paper for SI and constable post in english only with updated questions. These points are mainly asked in Haryana papers.

  1. Total Rajya Sabha seats in Haryana are 5 and Lok Sabha seats are 10.
  2. The polio virus enters the body through contaminated food and water
  3. The property of fluid by which molecules of same kinds of fluids are attracted is called as Cohesion.
  4. Jaundice results from malfunctioning of the liver.
  5. Method of determining the age of organic remains by measuring the radioactivity of the carbon in the specimen is known as Radio carbon dating.
  6. Enamel covers the crown of the Tooth.
  7. Cuba is called the sugar bowl of the world.
  8. The nucleus of an atom of the heavy element is made up of a Protons and Neotrons.
  9. The acid present in vinegar is acetic acid.
  10. Iron burns in oxygen to give Fe3O4.
  11. Mahendragarh district ranks first in the state of Haryana in the production of Mustard.
  12. National Dairy Research Institute is located at Karnal.
  13. Peter Jackson discovered the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary of Haryana situated on Gurgaon Farrukh Nagar road.
  14. Hansla, fool, Batan were the ornaments used in the state worn around neck.
  15. Haryana gets an average rainfall of 45cms.
  16. At Pinjore , the HMT factory is located in district Ambala.
  17. Saraswati Sugar Mill is located in Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana.
  18. Shoe sole Industry, Brass Utensil industry, Hero Honda Motor factory in Rewari district of Haryana are famous all over India.
  19. 1000ft is the total length of Jyotishwar Sarovar situated in district Kurukshetra.
  20. Baba Shravan Nath built the famous Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple of Kurukshetra.
  21. Nahar Singh is the last King of Ballabhgarh who died as a Martyr during freedom struggle of 1857.
  22. In 1607, Faridabad town was built by Baba Farid.
  23. In 2008, Palwal came into existence as the 21st district of Haryana.
  24. In 1761, the third battle of Panipat was fought between the forces of Afghans and Marathas.
  25. Hissar is the birth place of Shershah Suri.
  26. Ants are social insects because they live in colonies.
  27. A powerful eye irritant present in smog is peroxyacetyl nitrate.
  28. The boiling point of liquid oxygen is -182°C
  29. Neutron was discovered by Chadwick.
  30. Rubber is a polymer of Isoprene.
  31. Human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV-III) is known to cause AIDs.
  32. Indian hemp is the source of three important narcotic drugs bhang, ganja and hashish (charas) is from same plant.
  33. Heavy alcohol consuming people generally die of cirrhosis.
  34. Malaria can be cured with a drug extracted from Cinchona tree.
  35. The first fungicide discovered for plant diseases was Bordeaux mixture.
  36. Village Sihi near Faridabad is believed to be the birth place of Surdas the famous poet of Bhakti period.
  37. Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide.
  38. Dynamite and Nitroglycerine were the explosives.
  39. The refrigerant freon is difluoro-dichloromethane.
  40. Producer gas is a mixture of mainly CO(carbon monoxide) and N2(Nitrogen).
  41. The mainland of Haryana is located at the height of 700 to 900 feet from the sea level.
  42. Mahatma Gandhi accompanied with Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali arrived Rohtak on 8 October 1920.
  43. Shivalik range is located in North-East part of Haryana.
  44. Laterite soil is found on Morni Hills.
  45. In 1947, the famous Badkal lake of Haryana built.

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