Haryana HSSC Group D Solved paper Morning Shift 10November

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1. The state bird of Haryana is

Ans: Black Francolin

2. The governor of Haryana is appointed by

Ans: President

3. Goddess Bhawani Amba temple is in

Ans: Ambala District

4. Star monument is the Samadhi of

Ans: Tarachandji Maharaj

5. Haryana is called as the

Ans: Bread Basket of India

6. Which type of soil having highest water holding capacity?

Ans: Clay Soil

7. Bhagvad Gita was said to have been compiled by
Ans: Sage Ved Vyasa

8. What is the nature of the image formed due to concave mirror when object is placed beyond centre of curvature
Ans: Real and Inverted

9. During heavy exercise we get cramps in legs due to the accumulation of
Ans: Lactic Acid

10. Sodium hydrogen carbonate on heating produces
Ans: Sodium Carbonate

11. An instrument for measuring the speed of wind is

Ans: Anemometer

12. The land cultivated by Kurus( of Aryan descent) was called as
Ans: Bahudhanyaka

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13. After Gupta dynasty, in themiddle of Sixth Century AD, ________established supremacy over Punjab.
Ans: Huns

14. Find the number which is not like the other 3 among the options.
15. Haryana is the first state to launch
Ans: Mahila Police Volunteer

16. All ________ triangles are similar

17.In 2016-2017, Haryana GSDP is growing at

18.Consider the following
1). Sambhar lake is a salt late
2).Chilika lake is a fresh water lake
3).Vembanad lake is a back water lake.
Correct is/are
Ans.1and 3

19. Haryana is situated between
Ans. 27°39′ to 30°35′ N latitude

20. The 2018 Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine is conferred to

Ans. Tasuku Honjo and James P. Allison

21. The Haryana Municipality Amendment Bill was passed during the year

Ans. 2017

22. Manganese is found in the ___________ district of Haryana.

Ans. Mahendragarh

23. Rewari, Mahendragarh and Gurgaon are rich in

Ans. Slate

24. Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and a mild edible acid such as

Ans. Tartaric acid

25. The turbans worn by the people of Haryana is called as

Ans. Khandwa

26. Bhagwad Gita has dialogues between Lord Krishna and

Ans. Arjuna

27. The type of mirror used as shaving mirrors is

Ans. Concave mirror

28. Function of gustatory receptors is to

Ans. Detect taste

29. Prithviraj Raso was written by

Ans. Chand Bardai

30. Kavi Maldev was a __________ poet of Haryana.

Ans. Hindi

31. The non- metal which is liquid in nature is

And. Bromine

32. Sepoy mutiny took place in

Ans. 1857

33. Leaderless movement/protest is

Ans. Swadeshi movement

34. In computers CMOS stands for

Ans. Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

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