Haryana Group D solved paper Both shifts 11November

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1. Under GST, which of the following goods or items are exempted or NIL tax rate or 0% is charged ?

Ans. Newspapers, Kunkum and Bindi, silk worm and khadi yarn, spacecraft.

2. Executive department is led by

Ans. Chief Minister

3. Normal range of breathing rate per minute in an average adult person at rest is

Ans. 15 to 18

4. In India the first state to introduce Mid-Day meals in schools is

Ans. Tamil Nadu in India under then Chief Minister K Kamaraj in 1962–63

5. Mahila Police Volunteer system is introduced in two districts. One in

Ans. Karnal

6. Following is the function of stomata

Ans. Exchange of gases

7. During 1857, Sepoy mutiny the Mughal emperor Bahadurshah Zafar was arrested by

Ans. Major William Hudson

8. The dance performed by women in bridegroom’s house is

Ans. Khoria dance

9. Match the plant structures

Stomata– transpiration, Xylem– transport of water, Root hairs– absorption of water, Phloem– transport of food.

10. State flower of Haryana is

Ans. Sacred Lotus

11. Harshvardhana ruled Thaneswar during

Ans. 606-647

12. PREW means

Ans. Population Regulations Engineering Wing

13. Altaaf Hussain Haali is famous for his

Ans. Poetry

14. Tangri river is the tributary of

Ans. Markanda

15. Which of the following natural resources is referred as ‘buried sunshine’ ?

Ans. Coal

16. __________ is a non-metal but it is lustrous..

Ans. Iodine

17. The Vedic civilization flourished on the banks of river

Ans. Sarasvati

18. Mahabharata has __________ chapters

Ans. 18

19. Recrystallization of sodium carbonate gives

Ans. Washing soda

20. Haryana Assembly House is at

Ans. Chandigarh

21. When object is placed at center of curvature of a concave mirror, the image size is

Ans. Same size as that of object

22. All circles are

Ans. Similar

23. Indori river rises near

Ans. Indore

24. One of the South Asias oldest road in Haryana is

Ans. Grand Trunk Road

25. The Financial Budget for 2017-18 was tabled by Haryana Finance Minister

Ans. Captain Abhimanyu



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