Important International Boundary Lines

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Name of Boundary LineIn Between Countries
Durand LineThe Durand Line was a frontier boundary between Afghanistan and British India. It was established after an 1897 memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Mortimer Durand of British India and Afghan Amir Abdur Rahman Khan.
Radcliffe LineOn 17th August 1947 the Radcliffe Line was declared as the boundary between India and Pakistan.
MacMahon LineBetween India and China. 
Hindenburg LineBetween Germany and Poland, built in 1916–1917 during First World War. Built by Germans.
Maginot LineBetween France and Germany. French built after the First World War.
Oder Neisse LineInternational border between Germany and Poland.
Siegfried LineThe Siegfried Line was the German defensive line and on the opposite Maginot Line.
17th Parallel LineNorth Vietnam and South Vietnam
38th Parallel LineNorth and South Korea
49th Parallel LineUSA and Canada


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