Important Scientific Instruments with uses

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Important Scientific Instruments and Uses:
Altimeter: It measures altitude of an object and is used in aircrafts.
Ammeter: It measures strength of electrical current (in amperes).
Anemometer: It measures force and velocity of wind.
Audiometer: It measures intensity of sound.
Audiophone: it’s used for up imperfect sense of hearing.
Barometer: It measures atmospheric pressure.
Binocular: It is used to view distant objects.
Bolometer: It measures the heat, electromagnetic radiation.
Calorimeter: It measures quantity of heat.
Crescograph: device used for measuring the growth in plants.
Dynamo: It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Fathometer: It measures the depth of the ocean.
Hydrometer: It measures the specific gravity of liquids.
Hygrometer: It measures humidity in air.
Lactometer: It determines the purity of milk.
Manometer: Used to measure pressure( filled with mercury).
Microphone: It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to enlarge the sound.
Microscope: it’s used to get enlarged view of small objects.
Periscope: it’s wont to read objects higher than water level (used in sub-marines)
Phonograph: used for recording and reproduction of sound.
Pyrometer: It measures very high temperature.
Radar: it’s used for detecting the direction and vary of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves.
Saccharimeter: used for measuring the concentration of sugar solutions
Seismograph: It measures the intensity of earthquake shocks.
Sextant: used to measure the angle between an astronomical object and the horizon for the purposes of celestial navigation.
Stethoscope: an instrument that is employed by the doctors to listen to and analyse heart and respiratory organ sounds.
Tachometer: used for measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk ( i.e. revolutions per minute), as in a motor or in any other machine.
Telescope: It views distant objects in space.
Thermometer: This instrument is employed for the measure of temperatures.
Viscometer: used to measure the viscosity of a fluid.
Voltmeter: It measures the electrical potential between two points.


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