Difference between Bunker and Silo

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    • Bunkers may be rectangular or circular in plan

    • Bunkers are shallow in depth

  • The plane of rupture intersects at top of the surface and makes an angle of (90+ᶲ)/ 2


    • Silos are generally circular in plan

    • Silos are deep

  • The plane of rupture intersects at walls of silo and makes an angle of (90+ᶲ)/ 2


Both of them are called bins. 


More info on Bunkers


While designing walls of circular bunker they are subjected to hoop tension


T = 0.5phD


Where, ph = horizontal pressure


D = dia. Of bunker


In this steel is provided to resist tension. We usually provide minimum thickness of 120mm and distribution steel is provided in vertical direction.


Astmin. =0.12BD


*The material stored in bunkers exerts lateral earth pressure on the walls and it also exerts downward load due to friction between grain stored and the wall.

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