How to read Proving Ring Dial Gauge with least count calculation

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Least Count is the ratio of smallest value of one division on the main scale to number of divisions on vernier scale.

Least Count for Dial Gauge = Smallest value of one division on the main scale (i.e. on small hand dial gauge)/ Total number of divisions on long hand dial gauge

In small dial gauge one division = 0.2 mm

Number of divisions on big dial gauge = 100 (can be seen in given image)

Hence, Least Count, L.C = 0.2 mm/100

= 0.002 mm

Strain reading in mm = small dial gauge reading + (outer dial reading x least count)

Suppose needle stops at  2 in short  dial and outer dial needle stops at 7 then,

Strain in mm= 2 + ( 35 x 0.002)

= 2.07 mm

least count Dial-gauge.jpg


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