Difference between Light compaction and heavy compaction proctor tests

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S.No.Light CompactionHeavy Compaction
1.Also known as Standard Proctor testAlso Known as Modified Proctor test
2.Number of blows per layer is 25Number of blows per layer is 25
3.Number of layers is 3Number of layers is 5
4.Weight of rammer is 2.5 kgWeight of rammer is 4.5 kg for greater impact
5.Rammer dropped from a height of 310mmRammer dropped from a height of 450 mm
 6.Volume of mold is 1000 cm3Volume of mold is 1000 cm3

The mould and the amount of dry soil used in this test is same for both tests.  Both the tests are laboratory tests and used to determine maximum dry density and optimum moisture content for a given compaction energy for a given soil sample. Specific gravity of the solid soil grains is 2.67 .


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