Application of under Reamed pile with bored pile

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If through investigation we found that the shallow soil is unstable and weak( means the bearing capacity of soil is not satisfactory) then pile foundation is considered. And also the pile foundation is cheaper than any other ground improvement cost. Piles are also give better results in jetties or bridge piers. Hence piles are specifically applicable:

    • for multistory buildings, subjected to heavy loads and vibrations.


    • for resisting lateral loads like in overhead tanks and transmission towers.


    • for industrial building which are subjected to large moments(about the base of the crane) due to movement of cranes.

Pile foundation are generally used when poor soil conditions extend to large depth and applied load is quite heavy and also suitable when grillage( a cross framework of timber and metal beams) and raft ( a fully spread concrete slab which supports columns and walls) foundation are expensive.

Bored Compaction Pile is a improved form of under-reamed pile foundation,as we know that in under reamed pile, the reinforcement cage(structure of bars) is placed in position first in the bore hole and concrete is discharge,whereas in bored compaction pile the bore hole is first filled with concrete and the reinforcement assembly is driven into it promptly afterwards.In this the lower end vertical bars will form a funnel on which a hollow sheet iron core is fitted.As the assembly is driven, there is a compaction of concrete and soil on all sides takes place.
During the process of driving,the level of concrete is constantly maintained up to the ground level by adding extra concrete from time to time. Finally, the driving pipe is filled with concrete and withdrawn.
The minimum spacing in case of bored compaction pile may be kept as 1.5 times the under reamed diameter.These piles serve as suitable foundation for heavy structures in loose to medium sandy and silty strata.So,these piles are cast-in-situ piles which combines the advantages of pile driven and bored.

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