Types of water sorces and Ground water contamination

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Water from infiltration galleries-——————–aeration,coagulation,sedimentation and disinfection.
Tube well water—————————————————-disinfection.
Surfacewater(river or canal)—————–coagulation,flocculation,sedimentation,filtration and disinfection.
Pond/Lakewater-—————————————– coagulation, CuSO4 treatment,sedimentation,filtration and disinfection. Blue  Baby disease(methemoglobinemia) in children is caused by the presence of excess nitrates and is caused by decreased oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin in babies , resulting in oxygen deficiency in different body parts.
Groundwater Contamination seep down

Nowadays getting pure water is like struggling for a dream job. Use of excessive chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides which contain fluorides, nitrate and other chemicals may leads to groundwater pollution. If regular use of groundwater for drinking and other purposes, without testing and approval may led to diseases like fluorosis due to fluoride, hepatitis, dysentery etc. Some farmers think that use of chemicals in excess may increase yielding of crops but it is not correct way, crops take the amount they need and the remaining seeps down into groundwater sources.

  • Sometimes untreated waste from septic tanks and leaky toxic storage tanks may seep down to contaminate groundwater.
  • There should be a regular monitoring of groundwater by water resource department in a period of 2 to 3 months.
  • There should be a testing on first use of wells and bore wells for drinking purpose if left unchecked may affect human health in long run.


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