Pipes and its joints

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  • Asbestos cement pipe——————————————————simplex joint

(USE- installed in water systems)

  • Galvanized Iron pipe(G.I pipe)——————————————-screwed joint

(USE-conveying raw water & distribution
 of treated water in majority of rural water supply schemes)

  • Cast Iron pipe—————————————————————spigot and socket joint

(USE-for soil disposal because it is highly
 resistant to the grinding and abrasions)

  • Plain ended pipes subjected to frequent———————————victaulic joint vibrations.

 (USE- in storm water and other drainage applications)

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe——————————–Heat Fusion joints-                                                                                            Butt,Saddle and Socket Fusion.  (resistant to many different solvents,USE      
    use in labs, education, healthcare and industry)


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