Selection of doors and windows in a structure with respect to purposes, sizes and locations

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Location of Doors and Windows:

(i) The number of doors should be kept to a minimum for each room, as a greater number will cause obstruction and reduce the utility of the accommodation. The location and size of the door should be based on functional requirements.

(ii) The location of a door should be appropriate to the functional requirements of a room. It should not be located in the middle of the length of a wall. A door should preferably be located near the corner of the room (about 20 cm from the corner).

(iii) For good ventilation and free air circulation in the room, doors should be placed on opposite walls facing each other.

(iv) The location, number and size of windows are decided by considering various factors, namely, desired daylight, desired view to the outside, privacy, natural ventilation, heat loss, etc.

(v) The location of a window should also meet the functional requirements of the room, such as interior design, furniture arrangement, etc.

(vi) From the point of view of fresh air supply, a window should be placed on the north side of a room.

(vii) A window should be located in the opposite wall facing a door or other window so that cross ventilation is achieved.

(viii) The sill of a window should be about 70 to 80 cm above the floor of the room.

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