What is Parapet, Types of Parapet Wall and Uses of Parapet Wall

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What is Parapet wall:

The parapet wall is one of the most important parts of our home. It serves as a protective barrier and is built on the roof ends of buildings and balconies. The fence wall (parapet wall) plays a vital role in the safety of the occupants. In this article, you will understand what a parapet wall is, the types of parapet walls, the purpose of parapet walls and the construction of parapet walls.

The parapet wall is basically a wall built on the roof end or at the end of the terrace or balcony.

Height of Parapet wall

The height of the parapet wall is an important factor in the construction of the parapet wall. The minimum height of the parapet wall should be 3 feet. The height of the parapet wall should not be less than 3 feet. At this height, the parapet wall ensures safety. The minimum thickness of the parapet wall is 9 inches.

Purpose of retaining wall

  • It helps prevent dust particles from entering the roof.
  • Hide stored materials, machinery and equipment on the roof.
  • It helps prevent wind loads from reaching the roof.
  • Provide safety for humans and prevent accidents such as falling from the roof.
  • It gives the structure an aesthetic appearance.

Types of Parapet Wall

Parapets walls are classified into various types on the basis of appearance or design and functions.

Parapet walls are classified as follows by design or appearance:

  • Plain Parapet Walls
  • Embattled Parapet Walls
  • Perforated Parapet Walls
  • Panelled Parapet Walls

Classification of Parapet walls on the basis of shape and functionality are as follows:

  • Sloped Parapet Walls
  • Stepped Parapet Walls
  • Flat Parapet Walls
  • Curved Parapet Walls
  • Plain Parapet walls

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