Various field tests carried out to judge or determine the qualities of good Brick

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Various field tests used to find the quality of bricks are:

  • Uniformity in Size
  • Uniformity in colour
  • Hardness
  • Soundness
  • Strength test

1). Uniformity in size: The brick should be uniform in size and shape and should have rectangular plane surface with parallel sides and sharp straight right angled edges. The Uniformity in size can be checked by observing the brick on the field.

2). Uniformity in colour: The brick should have uniform deep red, cherry or copper colour, which can be judged by observing the brick on the field.

3). Hardness: It can be tested by making a scratch on brick surface with the help of finger nail on the field. If no impression is left on the surface, brick is treated to be sufficiently hard.

4). Soundness: In this test, two bricks are taken and they are strucked with each other on the field. For a good Brick a clear ringing sound should be produced.

5). Strength test: In this test, brick should not break, when dropped flat on hard ground, from a height of about one metre.

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