Methods of making a factory building energy efficient

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Whenever you are planning for a factory building you should keep following points in your mind for making factory building as efficient as possible. Energy efficient means maximum use of daylight, ventilation and heat insulation in the building with fulfillment of its functional requirements.

  • Most important orientation of building should be such that it gets maximum light and ventilation.
  • Height of the shed should be more to maintain the temperature in the shed.
  • North light trusses (North light trusses are  used for short spans in industrial workshop-type buildings) should be provided to get maximum light.
  • The factory building should be provided with sun shading devices such as projecting roofs, trees, chajjas,  etc. help in achieving heat insulation requirements.
  • Factory building should have good ventilation provisions.
  • The position of furnace (heat producing element) should be located far away from other part of building.
  • The opening should be provided at higher level in the wall to remove heat from shed.

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