Lintels and Measurement of plaster, dam proof course, doors

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Lintel:- It is a horizontal member which is placed just above the opening to resist loads acting over the opening and transfer loads to supporting walls. And it acts like a beam.

Types of lintels are:-
  • Timber or wood lintel:- they are made up of timber pieces and generally used in olden days and are easily affected by insects.


  • brick lintel
  • stone lintel
  • R.C.C lintel :- made up of reinforcement and concrete. Here reinforcement resist tensile stresses and concrete resist compressive stresses.They are mainly used as pre-casted or cast-in-situ.
  • steel lintel :- they are made up of rolled steel joist angles for small span or longer span.

Quantity Measurement of plaster, dam proof course, doors

A damp-proof course (D.P.C) is placed on the floor slab wherever exterior and interior walls built. A damp-proof course must also be installed underneath the external sill to prevent water seepage. In solid wall construction, vertical D.P.C. is necessary to prevent water seepage from the outside face of the wall to the inside.

**The quantity of plaster is measured in m² or square feet.

  • For wall plaster generally ratio we use = 1: 6 (1 part of cement and 6 part of sand).
  • For Roof plaster mainly ratio we use = 1: 4 (1 part of cement and 4 part of sand).
  • The thickness of plaster is between = 12 mm to 15 mm.
  • Use Good quality of cement (Different grades of cement) as well as  good quality sand.

**The quantity of wood for windows and doors are calculated in m².

For wooden we know the value of : length of door , width of door , height of door.

Given : length =3 feet , height =6 feet.

If  width is not given , but normally we consider the width as 1/10 feet .

So required wooden for door is :

wooden required = 6×3×1/10

= 1.8 cubic feet wooden is required.

**The quantity of Dam Proof Course is measured in m2.

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