Difference between Stone and Brick

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1. They were having higher crushing strength upto 150 to 1000 kg/cm2They were having lesser crushing strength than stones and upto 105 kg/cm2
2.Stones have less porosity.Bricks are more porous than stones.
3.Stones are heavy.Bricks are light in weight.
4.Stones are more durable than bricks.They are less durable than stones.
5.Mainly used for foundation work.Mainly used for masonary work.
6.They are costly and not available easily.Bricks are cheaper than stones and are available easily.
7.They should not absorb water more than 10% of its dry when kept immersed for 24 hours.They should not absorb water more than 20% of its dry weight when kept immersed for 24 hours.
8.They have less resistance against fire.They resist fire better than stones.
9.Stones are used for various types of construction work like building works for foundations, beams, columns, lintels, roofs and flooring work.Broken bricks ballast is used for preparation of sub-base, subgrade of roads, sewers, lining and pitching works.

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