Difference between Galvanized Iron (GI) and Asbestos cement (AC) sheets

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  • Corrugated Galvanized Iron sheets (used in factories and workshops)
  • Asbestos cement sheets
  • Thatch coverings (in sheds)
  • Patent tiles (Mangalore tiles)
  • Wood Shingles
  • Half round Country tiles
  • Asbestos cement tiles
S.No.Galvanized Corrugated Iron sheets (GI)Asbestos cement sheets (AC)
1.GI sheets are not easily break and handling of these sheets is very little.AC sheets are breakable and handling of these sheets is very important.
2.These sheets are less in thickness.These sheets are more in thickness.
3.Initially the cost is very high.Initially the cost is very low.
4.More susceptible to corrosion due to atmospheric conditions.No sign of corrosion due to atmospheric conditions.
5.They are not fire resistant and higher temperature may break them.They resist fire.
6.Weight is very low.Weight is very high.
7.They make noise when something touch the surface.They are not that much noisy.
8.The maintenance cost for painting is very high.There is no such maintenance cost.
9.More prone to acids and gases.Less prone to acids and gases.
10.In summer sheets are hot, but in winter they are cold.Temperature difference does not affect.
11.Less damage occurs from external load.Might affect from external load.
12.Sheets are not sound proof.They are sound proof.
13.Made up from wrought iron.Made up from mixture of Asbestos and Portland cement.
14.There is no pleasing appearance even after good finish..There is pleasing appearance.

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