Short note on Dumpy level, its parts/components, neat sketch and details

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Figure shows the sketch of a dumpy level. It is very simple, stable and easy to use. It consist of telescope, which is fixed with the supports and hence, it is not possible to rotate it about its own axis. A long bubble tube is attached to the top of the telescope. The levelling head generally consists of
two parallel plates having three or four foot screws. The upper plate is known as tribarch and the lower plate is known as trivet (levelling head) which is screwed on the tripod before setting up.

Dumpy level

The telescope can be rotated in the horizontal plane about its vertical axis. The telescope of the dumpy level is generally of the internal focussing type. Dumpy level possesses greater stability of adjustments. However, it requires more time for carrying out its permanent adjustments, once it gets out of the permanent adjustment.

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