Difference between Direct and Indirect methods of Contouring

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S.No.Direct MethodIndirect Method
1.In this method, the contours are directly located on the ground and the points of given contour are marked on the ground.In this method, levelling work is carried out in the field and location of contour points is done in the office.
2.These methods are applicable, where high precision is required.These methods does not required high precision
3.These methods are suitable for
small areas.
These methods are suitable for large areas.
4.These methods are much
accurate than indirect methods.
These methods are not much accurate than direct methods.
5.These methods are tedious and
time consuming.
These methods are easy and consume less timings.
6.It is Expensive.It is Cheaper.
7.Not suitable for hilly areas.Suitable for hilly areas.
8.Calculations cannot be done after contouring.Calculations can be done as and when required.

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