Difference between Carpet area, Built-up area and Super Built-up area

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Now we will explain the difference between carpet area, Built-up area and Super built-up area with the help of 1 BHK Residential Building plan as shown below. We Keep article as short as to understand quickly.

Carpet area:- This area is a usable area for occupants. In above figure, we have shown it by hatching.
Built-up area/Plinth area:- It is carpet area plus the area of walls but excluding verandah, staircase space, lift space etc.
Super built-up area:- The area in which whole structure is standstill including verandah, stair space, lift space etc.
The above drawing is a property of VideRime.com

Residential building plan:

Plan Example:-

Residential building plan for understanding purpose only.

Total area: 2700 square feet

In this plan, we can see that at starting Hall then 3 bedrooms were provided and one-bedroom is attached with western closet. Now divide the total area according to usability. Leaving built-up area we have provided open space for gardening and storing purpose. Here we are providing 9″ outer walls which is a standard wall thickness and 4.5″ inner walls.

This plan is the property of DoCivil.com and is not for earning the profit. So don’t break rules.

Residential building drawing plan 2BHK:

It’s a simple drawing made by DoCivil.com for understanding the placement of rooms according to their usability for civil engineering students of the second year, at the rear view of the building by removing wall you can place shutter of usable dimension.

DoCivil.com. The above-given picture is for understanding purpose not for earning profit by any means.



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