Highway Engineering Part 1

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1. Which one of the following tests is performed in the laboratory to determine the extent of weathering of aggregates for roadworks?

2. The road connecting one town with another town is designated as

3. Mandatory signs are displayed on a disc having a diameter of

4. The stopping sight distance depends upon

5. For conditions obtaining in India, at which location in a cement concrete pavement will the combined stresses due to traffic wheel load and temperature have to be critically checked during design?

6. For a National highway, the minimum formation width is

7. Name the traffic survey data is plotted by means of 'Desire lines'.

8. In highway construction on superelevated curves, the rolling shall proceed from

9. In concrete roads, the course which can be ommitted is

10. With two way, two lane right angled road intersection, what are total number of potential conflict points?



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