Strength of Materials MCQs Set-3

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1. Euler's formula for a mild steel long column hinged at both ends is not valid for slenderness ratio
2. A continuous beam is one which is
3. Slope and deflection at a point in a loaded cantilever beam carrying several loads can be found out by the
4. If load at the free end of the cantilever beam is gradually increased, failure will occur
5. A simply supported beam AB of span L carries two concentrated load W each at points L/3 from A and B. What is the shear force in the middle one third portion of beam.
6. A beam when subjected to an axial pull P
7. If the bending moment is consistent there will be no______________ stresses
8. A long column has maximum crippling load when its
9. Point of contraflexure in a cantilever of span l, carrying a uniform distributed load, w per metre occurs at
10. The shear stress at the centre of a circular shaft under torsion is



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