Surveying MCQs Set-3

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1. How many methods of contouring are present?

2. The gale method of traversing consists of plotting the points by

3. The reference points on which a day's work is closed and from where levelling is continued the next day are called as

4. The curvature of the Earth's surface is taken into account only if the extent of survey is more than

5. A contour interval is the __________________ for all purposes.

6. In case of angular measurements being more precise than the linear measurements, the traverse can be balanced by

7. A triangle is said to be well conditioned if none of its angles is less than

8. The error due to bad ranging is

9. Which one of the following is carried out by two theodolite method?

10. Which one of the following linear methods of setting out a circular curve needs reference of the centre of the curve?



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