Surveying MCQs Set-2

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1. Which of the below is not a method of doing resection?

2. How many types of variations in declination are there?

3. Which of the below is not a temporary adjustment of the prismatic compass?

4. Plane table is made of

5. A digital level reads a

6. __________is a term used that prevents the needle from pointing to the magnetic North in a given locality.

7. Plane table surveying is a ___________method.

8. How many meridians are used in surveying?

9. A plumbing fork is used to______________the plane table.

10. The plan of a survey plotted to a scale of 10m to 1cm is reduced in such a way that a line originally 10cm long now measures 9cm. The area of the reduced plan is measured as 81 cm^2. The actual area (m^2) of the survey is



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