Steel Structures MCQs Mock test Set-2

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1. The effective length of continuous compression members is adopted between ________________ times the distance between centres of intersection.

2. The net sectional area of a tension member is equal to

3. Net sectional area of a tension member is equal to

4. The diameter of rivet hole in tension members using rivet of diameter more than 24 mm will be equal to

5. When the bolts are subjected to reversal of stresses, the most suitable type of bolt is

6. In the context of ultimate load theory for steel, stress-strain curve for steel is idealized as

7. Fillet weld is not recommended if the angle between fusion faces is

i) less than 45°

ii) greater than 120°

iii) less than 60°

iv) greater than 145°

8. Two plates of 16mm and 14mm are joined by fillet, the maximum size of fillet weld may be

9. The maximum slenderness ratio of a compression member carrying both dead and superimposed load is

10. Effective length of the fillet weld is



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