Fluid Mechanics MCQs Set-1

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1. Dynamic viscosity has the dimension as

2. Which one of the following is correct dimension of surface tension

3. An oil of specific gravity 0.9 has viscosity of 0.28 stoke at 38 degree C. What will be its viscosity in N-s/m^2 ?

4. If the surface tension of water air interface is 0.073 N/m, the gauge pressure inside a rain drop of 1 mm diameter will be

5. Which one of the following is correct? the capillary rise on depression in a small diameter tube is

6. The speed of a pressure wave through a pipe depends upon

7. Coefficient of velocity of venturimeter

8. The property, which characterizes the resistance which a fluid offers to applied shear force is called as

9. Fluid statics deals with

10. The eddy viscosity for turbulent flow is



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