Geotechnical Engineering MCQs Set-3

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1. When the degree of saturation is zero, the soil mass under consideration represents

2. Allowable bearing pressure for a foundation depends on

3. A combined footing is generally used when

4. Which of the following methods is more suitable for the determination of permeability of clayey soil?

5. Compressibility of sandy soils is

6. In a consolidated drained test on a normally consolidated clay, the volume of the soil sample during shear

7. Coefficient of consolidation for clays normally

8. Skempton's pore pressure coefficient B for saturated soil is

9. The value of compression index for a remoulded sample whose liquid limit is 50% is

10. If the volume of voids is equal to the volume of solids in a soil mass, then the values of porosity and voids ratio respectively are



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