Geotechnical Engineering MCQs Set-1

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1. The ratio of volume of air voids to the volume of voids is called

2. On adding bitumen to soil

3. Sieve analysis of a soil sample is done, if the particle do not pass through square openings of

4. The dry density of which sample is expected to be highest?

5. When the pores of a soil are full of water, then the soil will be called

6. The relation between void ratio e, water content w, specific gravity G, and degree of saturation S, for a soil sample is

7. As per IS the specific gravity of soil is determined at

8. A flat grain size distribution curve shows a

9. If the value of uniformity coefficient of a soil sample is nearly equal to one. This sample will be designated as

10. The correct increasing order of specific surface i.e. surface area per mass of the given soil is



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