RCC MCQs Practice Set-2

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1. Why is the design of a RCC section as over-reinforced section is undesirable?
2. A doubly RCC beam is recommended when
3. In a single reinforced beam, if the permissible stress in concrete reaches earlier than the permissible stress in steel, the beam section is called
4. In singly reinforced beams, steel reinforcements is provided in
5. In a singly reinforcement beam, the effective depth is measured from the compression edge to the
6. The working stress method of design of RC members is known as
7. According to IS 456, the modulus of elasticity of steel can be assumed as
8. According to IS: 456-1978, modulus of elasticity of concrete Ec [ in N/mm2 ] can be taken as
9. As compared to working stress method of design, limit state method takes concrete to
10. Factor of safety for



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