Concrete Technology MCQs Set-2

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1. The aggregate is said to be flaky when

2. The admixtures are added in concrete to

3. For the manufacture of concrete of low density, the aggregate used is

4. The presence of entrained air in concrete results in

i) reducing bleeding

ii) lowering density of concrete

iii) decreasing strength at all ages

The correct answer is

5. Calcareous material used in the manufacture of cement consist of

6. The top diameter, bottom diameter and height of the mould used for slump test are respectively

7. The type of lime used in lime concrete is

8. Reinforced cement concrete is equally strong in taking

9. According to IS: 456-1978, the maximum water-cement ratio in plain concrete to ensure durability in mild exposure is limited to

10. In concrete mix design, allowance for bulking of sand is necessary in case of



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